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Case Study: A bridging loan completed in only 5 hours! Bridging loans

Case Study: A bridging loan completed in only 5 hours!

ARIA Case Studies | January 11, 2023

Everyone talks about fast bridging – but how fast is fast? The industry average completion time when it comes to bridging loans is currently 53 days.

Buy-to-Let Case Study Refurbishment Sitting Tenant Buy-to-Let

Case Study: Buy-to-Let refubrishment with a sitting tenant

ARIA Case Studies | October 21, 2022

Loan value: £63,241 | Rate: 6.99% The Situation:


Case Study: First-time landlords, Ltd company and social tenants

ARIA Case Studies | October 10, 2022

Loan value: £812,000 | Rate: 3.90% above Libor, over five years, 1.5% lender fee plus 1% broker fee | LTV: 73.96% The Situation: Sometimes a deal can...

Second Charge Mortgages Case Study Flats United Kingdom Second charge mortgages

Case Study: Complex Residential Second Charge in under 4 weeks

ARIA Case Studies | October 3, 2022

Loan: £754,825 | Property Value: £1,800,000 | Rate: 3.64% | LTV: 54% | Term: 20 years