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Using an established specialist finance distributor such as Aria Finance has multiple benefits including;

  • We can help save borrowers and brokers time researching the many choices and help them find the loan better suited to their needs specifically. If specialist finance is a financial area you’re new to, this process could feel overwhelming and Aria finance is here to support you through that.
  • Through Aria Finance, you will be accessing a wide range of lenders to ensure the client obtains the best possible terms. This research and product selection would be carried out on your behalf as part of the service we offer.
  • With 20 years of experience in specialist lending, our large business volumes mean we are close to lenders and sometimes offered exclusive rates that other providers and intermediaries can’t access. These long-term relationships mean we have an understanding of the underwriting requirements for each lender and will be able to get deals accepted and offered quickly, an essential feature of bridging finance.
    You also can choose to let us handle your client’s application from the initial enquiry stage through to completion. You can choose to be as hands-on or off in this process as you wish.

We can help with the products below:

•    Bridging Loans [Regulated, Unregulated or Semi Commercial & Commercial]
•    Second Charge Mortgages [Residential or Buy-to-Let]
•    Buy-to-Let Mortgages [Residential or Commercial]
•    Commercial Mortgages [Commercial Buy-to-Let, Commercial Mortgage, Semi Commercial or Owner-occupied Commercial Mortgage]
•    Development Finance
•    First Charge Mortgages

The procedure to submit an enquiry with Aria Finance is flexible. There are various routes to contact us:
•    Request a Quote
•    Fill out an Enquiry form on the website
•    Click and contact a member of the team on the Live Chat
•    Email us at sales@ariafinance.co.uk
•    Call the office and ask to speak to a member of the team – 02038399998

For unregulated loans we take a nominal application fee once we have sourced an appropriate option for your client and have secured a commitment from the lender to support the case (subject to full underwriting). Our broker fee is collected upon completion and successfully draw down of the loan.

Yes, of course, you can stay involved all the way through. We can package a case for you if you would like to give advice, or we can take full contact and give the advice to your client. With unregulated cases, we are happy to involve you throughout a case to find the right lending option for your client.
Alternatively, you’re welcome to pass us a name and a phone number and we’ll do the rest. We’ll keep you informed at the various milestones of each case and pass the client back to you at completion.

Let us know your preference in every case and we will strive to accommodate.

A regulated bridge is if you’re securing funds against what is or will become your main residence, or your family intend to occupy the property. Or if the loan is secured on a property that has been inherited or has previously been occupied by yourself or family members. Unregulated is if you're securing funds against any property which is not your residence and will not become in the future. In terms of length, regulated bridging loans are up to a maximum of 12 months term whereas unregulated bridging loans can go to 24 months in some cases. Also, it's worth noting that some bridging lenders themselves are unregulated and can't offer FCA-regulated bridging loans. 

Yes, Second Charge Mortgages are regulated by the FCA, and practices adhere to the same rules as the First Charge market. They are no different from a First Charge mortgage except they rank second on the title deed of the property.