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Case Study: 25 Year Buy-to-Let Mortgage for property with 61-year lease

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Loan Type: Buy-to-Let Mortgage | Amount: £141,022 |  LTV: 70%  |  Term: 25 Years

Clients with a strict deadline can rest easy when placing a case with Aria Finance, our extensive market knowledge and relationships with key partners - from lenders to solicitors - means that not only can we quickly source the best deal for our clients circumstance, but we also continue to work with you every step of the way to ensure a stress free completion.   

The Client

Our client was a professional landlord who had purchased a flat for rental purposes outright.

The Situation

The client was looking for a long term buy-to-let mortgage to refinance the flat within 6 months of the purchase, to enable the completion of an onward property purchase. However, the flat the client was looking to refinance only had 61 years left on the lease at the time of the application. The client wanted the flexibility of a lender not reducing the loan term due to the lease. 

Our solution

Utilising our panel of lenders, we were able to quickly place he case with a lender who we knew from experience would have the risk appetite to allow for day 1 refinance and proceed with requiring an extension for the lease length.

Benefit & Results

We knew that time was of the essence in this case, with the client waiting to complete on the new property purchase. Therefore our strategic choice of both lender and solicitor from our trusted partner panels, enabled the case to complete within 8 weeks, well within the time frame required by the client. 

The client was extremely pleased that we were able to secure the longer term mortgage that they required and commented:

"Our adviser was exceptional. He was very responsive and on top of this from day one. He really pushed to get this over the line sooner rather than later."

If you have a case that requires speed and market expertise of Aria Finance then get in touch today. 

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