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For mortgage advisers, putting your customers’ needs first is probably your top priority. So, it’s important that you work with a specialist finance distributor who will do the same for you. Your reputation and your clients are ultimately in the hands of the Specialist Finance Distributor, especially during the application process. You need to be 100% confident you’re working with the right people, and they’re experienced Second Charge mortgage lenders. To ensure you select the right lender for you and your client, we recommend asking these three important questions:

1. Will my client have to pay if the application falls through?

Your clients shouldn’t need to take the risk financially when making an application - they should only pay when it completes. No risk is vital, for everyone. Aria Finance do not charge any up-front broker fees, so if the case does not proceed, your client doesn’t pay.

2. Is your fee structure completely clear?

Your client would expect you to ask about the price structure and determine if there are any hidden fees beforehand. Failing to do so, will hurt your relationship with your client and potentially future clients. Aria Finance is completely open about all the costs and fees involved for your client, so there are no hidden surprises. Complete transparency is priceless for managing client expectations.

3. Can you walk the walk?

With almost 20 years of extensive experience in this market, Aria Finance is the UK's largest specialist finance distributor for Second Charge mortgages entirely dedicated to intermediaries. Having a wide panel of 14 Second Charge mortgage lenders to cover almost every possible scenario - our loan conversion rate is over 45%. In an extremely competitive and challenging marketplace, you can’t put a price on authenticity and experience.

So, the next time you need a specialist finance distributor for Second Charge mortgages – take a moment to consider these three questions. If you like a chat to discuss opportunities or a more complicated deal on your desk, request a callback or contact us today.

Over 20 years of experience

Why choose Aria?

With over 20 years of experience in bridging finance and the specialist distribution industry, our expert team works on your behalf to provide access to market-leading rates with rapid loan completion as standard. We offer one point of contact from enquiry through to completion, always aiming to make the process as smooth as possible.
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