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The specialist finance industry comes into its own when fast and effective short-term lending is required for less straightforward situations. Bridging finance is a great way to secure funds for property purchases, chain breaks and development opportunities. When speed is of the essence, bridging loans are the ideal solution. With the average bridging loan size in the market being just over £500,000 and the average industry completion time being 4 weeks, it requires an expert team to deliver on bespoke cases.

The Client:

A solicitor requiring a £2m bridging loan for the purchase of a large commercial unit to refurbish into residential with a very quick turnaround. Speed was critical in this case.

The Situation:

The client was a solicitor looking for a rapid turnaround on a bridging loan to allow him to purchase an old Beatties department store in the heart of Wolverhampton city centre. The intent was to develop the commercial building into residential units, however, full planning permission was not in place and this caused an issue for most lenders. The building was split into four freehold titles containing shops, a nightclub, a warehouse and a workshop - and it had the potential for development into either student accommodation due to its proximity to the main university.

The client needed money quickly and the main issue was that no lending option was available for conversion of the property once purchased.

The Solution:

Large complex bridging loans are something that the team are used to dealing with, and have great knowledge on how to underwrite and secure finance. The broker knew that without planning in place most bridging lenders would not accept the case and provide the required funds. The specialist finance market opens doors that traditional lenders just do not have access to. In this case, the team were able to quickly underwrite the case, source and provide the lending for the client – ensuring the rapid turnaround needed by the client.


The access to the pool of unique lenders helped this case and ensured the speed of delivery. The team knew the market and the years of experience in dealing with complex cases meant that they only approached lenders that had an appetite to lend in this type of scenario.


Aria Finance worked quickly to source and provide lending on this case that most lenders would have turned away due to lack of planning permission. The team were able to exceed expectations and ensure the client had the funds in only 14 working days from enquiry to completion.

Over 20 years of experience

Why choose Aria?

With over 20 years of experience in bridging finance and the specialist distribution industry, our expert team works on your behalf to provide access to market-leading rates with rapid loan completion as standard. We offer one point of contact from enquiry through to completion, always aiming to make the process as smooth as possible.
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