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Case study: Delivering a bespoke solution £12.4m solution for property development firm

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Loan type: Commercial Mortgage   |   Amount: £12.4m   |   LTV: 70%   |   Term: 10 years

Aria Finance are renowned as a brokerage for their expertise dealing with high-net-worth individuals and large loans. This recent case study highlights the pivotal role that our industry relationships and expertise in navigating complex high value cases play in delivering tailored solutions that meet our clients' evolving needs.

The Client:

The clients was an established property development firm with a great track record and solid credit profile. The client owned a building which had been converted from a commercial building into 96 residential units.

The Situation:

There was a bridging loan in place against the clients' property, the bridge had a low loan to value, however the company wanted to reduce their interest costs and utilise some of their capital for new projects they had in the pipeline.

The entire property was being leased to one tenant who was using it for short-term lets. The tenant was leasing through a newly established company.

When the client approached us, they had been working with another broker for almost 12 months, but the application had been declined due to the slightly unusual structure of the lease. 

Our Solution:

Within two hours of speaking with the client, the Aria Finance team had a telephone meeting booked with the Managing Director of a bank, that we knew from previous experience had the appetite for a complex high value case like this.

By negotiating bespoke pricing, we were able to offer the client better terms than they had previously agreed with the initial lender (prior to working with Aria Finance) and started work straight away to prepare an application.

We worked closely with the bank to demonstrate mitigates to the lack of track record from the tenant's company and submitted a robust application which could be taken to credit early for the approval of the bank before committing the client any fees.

Benefits & Results:

The team at Aria Finance navigated the complex planning challenges within this case and negotiated pricing which resulted in the client achieving a better rate and loan to value than they had previously been offered - within 7 weeks of the initial enquiry.

By working with Aria Finance, the client benefitted from our deep-rooted relationships within the industry, which allowed us to swiftly pinpoint identify a bank capable of delivering on a large loan like this. Our tailored approach delivered a bespoke process and a pricing structure which perfectly aligned with the customer's requirements.

Delivering a bespoke solution £12.4m solution for property development firm

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