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Case Study: Bridging finance to save auction purchase in 4 working days

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Loan type: Bridging Loan   |   Amount: £144,200   |   LTV: 65%  |   Term: 12 months

Unforeseen challenges can often disrupt even the most carefully planned transaction. Our latest case study involves a foreign national looking to secure a property purchased at auction. This case study serves as a testament to the proactive approach and extensive industry expertise of the Aria Finance team when navigating complex financial scenarios. 

The Client:

The client, a foreign national, with indefinite leave to remain in the UK, possessed an unencumbered buy-to-let property in their personal name. 

The Situation:

Having successfully bid on a property at auction intended for personal residence, the client encountered a pressing financial hurdle. Despite having a mortgage offer from a well-known high-street bank, the client required additional funds for the deposit. Complicating matters, their initial broker failed them at a critical juncture, jeopardising both the acquisition of the property and their deposit. 

Recognising the urgency of the situation, the client turned to Aria Fiannce for assistance. 

Our Solution:

With a 10-day extension granted by the auction house, swift action was imperative to secure the property. We identified a lender that was able to conduct an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) on the client's buy-to-let property (which was bing used as security), therapy circumventing the need for a conventional valuation. This streamlined process enable the lender to speed up their internal legal procedures, mitigation potential delays typically associated with a full valuation.

Benefits & Results:

Through our proactive intervention and strategic collaboration with the lender, we facilitated a rapid completion within four working days. By swiftly navigation through the challenges this case presented and using our well-established industry relationships we were able to deliver tangible results enabling the client to secure the auction purchase.

Bridging Finance to save auction purchase in 4 working days

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