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Case Study: Brewing Success: £521, 730 refinance for brewery

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Loan type: Commercial Mortgage   |   Amount: £521,730   |   LTV: 53%  |   Term: 5 years 

Financing commercial real estate requires both expertise and agility. This case study delves into the strategic manoeuvres of an experienced landlord facing a time-sensitive challenge: the refinancing of a brewery with a tight deadline. 

In this case study, we explore how proactive collaboration, in-depth market knowledge, and steadfast determination culminated in a successful outcome for the client.

The Client:

Our client, an experienced landlord, owned a portfolio of 18 properties, 10 commercial and 8 residential.

The Situation:

A brewery had been purchased by the client on a bridging loan which was due to expire in under two months. Failure to refinance the bridge in time would result in an automatic charge of 5% of the balance.

Our Solution:

Given the tight deadline of 6-7 weeks for a commercial term deal, it was imperative for everyone at Aria Finance and the lender to be fully committed. We strategically selected a lender with a robust risk appetite for financing breweries, a challenge often encountered with other lenders. 

Leveraging our extensive experience and relationship with the chosen lender, we proactively addressed potential concerns, streamlining the process and ensuring a smooth transaction. 

In addition, we kept in close contact with the solicitor which kept the case a priority and enabled us to pre-empt any issues that could have arisen.

Benefits & Results:

Through proactive communication and meticulous attention to detail, we maintained close contact with both the client and the lender. This facilitated the prompt submission of all required documentation, keeping the case a top priority for all stakeholders.

As a testament to our dedication and effective communication, the deal was successfully completed in just over six weeks, and the client was offered terms with a rate of 4.3% over BBR.

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