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£2.8m Bridging Loan for unique residential property

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Loan type: Bridging Loan   |   Loan value: £2,858,055   |   LTV: 51%   |   Term: 12 Months

In this case study, we explore how Aria Finance assisted a client with a unique, high-value property in navigating the complexities of selling their home and managing an expiring bridge loan. Through strategic negotiations and expert market knowledge, we provided a solution that enhanced their property's market positioning, ultimately paving the way for a successful sale. 

The Client:

Our client owned a distinctive property with significant land, valued at £5.5 million. Although they had invested considerably in high-end updates, these improvements had not significantly increased the property's market value, yet they enhanced its appeal to the right buyer.   

The Situation:

Over the past five years, the property had been listed intermittently, without securing a sale. Recently, a potential buyer showed interest but ultimately wasted a lot of time and did not proceed with the purchase. This led the client to switch to a more prestigious real estate agent better equipped to market the property effectively. The new agent recommended taking the property off the market for six months to reset and relaunch with a refined marketing strategy. Compounding the situation, the client had an outstanding bridge loan on their residential property that was nearing its expiration date.  

Our Solution:

Due to the uncertainty the client had faced trying to sell the property they were reluctant to pay for a valuation ahead of the lender agreeing the case entirely, so the team at Aria Finance negotiated a one-month extension with the lender of the expiring bridge in order to obtain a decision in principle that would give the client peace of mind to be able to proceed. 

Benefits & Results:

Aria Finance successfully arranged a 12-month bridge loan, enabling the client to refinance their existing regulated bridge loan and providing ample time to sell their property with the new agent. Leveraging Aria's market expertise, we developed a robust strategy to facilitate the sale. Consequently, the client avoided additional fees associated with failing to repay the original bridging loan, thanks to our timely intervention and strategic advice. 

£2.8m Bridging Loan for unique residential property

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