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Loan type: Commercial Mortgage   |   Loan value: £149,850  |   Rate: 5.15% + Libor with a 1.5% fee

The Situation:

It's all in the small print. Cases can sometimes look too good to be true, only to find out it is what is says on the tin and you find that's it's a really good deal. Others you review and they look fundamentally floored, but when you finally address the elephant in the room you find out that everything just works, and the loans goes through like clockwork. 

Aria Finance was contacted with a tricky case for a self-employed taxi driver. He was looking for a loan of £149,500 secured against an existing commercial property so he could invest in another one in Oxfordshire. There were several issues with the proposed deal namely: 

  • His occupation-no guaranteed regular income.
  • He was still paying a loan on his cab to the tune of £277 a month.
  • It was difficult to see how could cover periods when he might not get any rent on the new property as he had a significant of credit outstanding and not a lot of spare income. 

Our Solution:

We differ from a lot of brokers because we look at the whole picture and review all the details to see what we can do, rather than looking for reasons why we can't put a deal together. With that in mind, we determined refinancing would be the best solution for the client. 


Lucy Barrett, Managing Director of Aria Finance, said: "The devil really is in the details. If you take your time to examine all the facts, you can avoid some bad cases, however other times, line in this case, by drilling down further into the specifics you undercover a gem of a deal. Here we help the client in three ways, we got him the funding he wanted, consolidated his debts leaving him £1,754 month extra better off.

We study every part of a case under a microscope, and our specialist lenders know that we leave no stone unturned. When we present them with a deal, they know we've done our due diligence and they know we wouldn't present a case to them if we didn't whole heartedly believe it was worth writing."


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