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Why we collect your data

We will collect personal data from you and your company employees specifically for the ongoing management and performance of any contract of service that exists between both companies. These data will also be gathered for us to effect any necessary due diligence of your firm or its officers, as necessary under regulatory or legislative obligations.

The personal data will solely be used by this company and its subsidiaries for those purposes mentioned and will not be forwarded to any non-related third parties, unless express permission is provided by you or by the identified individual.

Personal data we will require

We will only collect such data that is needed to understand your financial needs and circumstances in order to identify the mortgage which best meets your needs. The information that will be processed includes the following:

  • Your name
  • Your current and previous address(es)
  • Your date of birth
  • Details on your financial profile including income and expenditures
  • Your identification documents (e.g. copies of passport or driver licence)
  • Other relevant details required to establish your identity
  • Other relevant information pertinent to the application for a loan and our underwriting of the repayment probability

Data that we will never require from you includes:

  • Your religious views
  • Your political views
  • Your sexual orientation
  • Your trade union membership

Why we collect data 

Under Data Protection laws we must have a legal basis for the collection of your data. This means that there must be a specific reason for us to request your data. Aria Finance collects data for the maintenance of a service contract for the arrangement of a loan and for the preparation of entry into this contract. The information is used and processed in order for us to identify the mortgage or loan that meets your needs or for which you have expressed a preference.

With whom do we share your data

Your data will be shared with other, external data processors to assist us in managing our contractual obligations. These include: 

  • Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs)
  • Fraud Prevention Agencies
  • Our parent company, Enra Specialist Finance Ltd
  • Our regulator, the FCA
  • Statutory Bodies on their lawful request, e.g. NCA, police forces
  • External funders
  • Valuers
  • Solicitors

Retention of your data

Aria will retain your data only for as long as is necessary. This means the relevant data will be retained for a period equal to the duration of the contract plus 7 years after the term ends in order to fulfil our regulatory obligations that may arise as a result of the activities undertaken. All data will be securely stored and deleted to industry standards.

Your rights

The relevant personal data is protected by legal rights which includes rights to:

  • object to our processing of your data,
  • request that your data is erased or corrected
  • request access to your personal data

Where you request Aria to cease processing your data prior to the end of the contract term, this will affect the performance of the contract.

The right to your objection to our processing, or request erasure , of your data is subject to our regulatory and legislative responsibilities as well as to the correct maintenance of any contract that we may enter. This means that we have a legal necessity to retain your data while there is a contract for service in existence between the two firms.

Where we have made an error on your data and you wish to submit a correction please contact us via the mentioned methods.

The contact details should also be used to request a copy of all personal data we hold on you or your employees. We will endeavour to provide all data that we hold as soon as possible upon receipt of your request and will take no longer than 30 days to do so.

You have the right to request that data which we hold is passed to another Data Controller for their use on your behalf via a “machine readable” format. This can be requested from the Data Protection Representative of Aria

You also have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) which regulates the processing of personal data. Aria’s registration number with the ICO is Z6765361. The ICO can be contacted via the following methods:

Information Commissioner’s Office,Wycliffe House,Water Lane,Wilmslow SK9 5AF

Telephone: 0303 123 1113

Website: www.ico.org.uk


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