July 8, 2021

How we helped customers to reduce their monthly outgoings and free up £1k in debt payments

Loan Type:

Second Charge Mortgages

Loan Value:




Loan Rate:


Loan Term:

21 Years

When making the decision to carry out a home improvement project, set yourself an affordable budget and stick to it. It can be very easy to get to spend more than you can afford without good planning. One of our clients, unfortunately, got very carried away with a recent home renovation project during lockdown by continuously increasing the works that were being done on their home, without researching the costs first.

The clients inadvertently spent more on credit cards than they realised and ended up with high credit card balances that created monthly payments to an unmanageable level. This case study demonstrates how we were able to eradicate their stress with a second charge mortgage, which reduced their monthly payments by £1,268.



The clients were a couple with good jobs. He was a deputy manager for a Global Semiconductor Manufacturer and his partner an Operations Manager for the local council.

The situation

The clients needed to borrow money to consolidate unsecured debt, which had built up through paying for extensive works to be completed on their property. They needed to consolidate the debts onto the house, into one manageable payment, reducing the interest rate applied and monthly outlay.

Our solution

The most suitable product for this situation that we were able to source was a 5-year fixed-rate mortgage, this would provide stability for the first five years of the second charge mortgage.


We are extremely customer-focused and are committed to your case from the very beginning. By coming to Enterprise Finance, clients benefit from our expert product knowledge, proactive service and support, and a high conversion rate.


We made a huge impact on our clients, by helping them to reduce their monthly outgoing and free up to £1k in debt payments and bringing their DTI back to a suitable level for high street lenders. This improved their chances of being able to remortgage going forward. This instantly relieved the stress they were under having to juggle their finances and being constant mortgage prisoners, due to the DTI ratio. We have given the clients the opportunity to start putting money aside as a safety net, preventing getting into this situation again. But, the most important thing is that the client’s overall desire to have their dream home is now complete, their house looks fantastic and they are very pleased with the overall outcome.

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Second charge mortgages, explained